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Hi. My name is Glaurung and I am a dragon. A damned intellectual dragon, actually, like there weren't enough of those littering the landscape already. And, as Spiro Agnew might have said, I'm an effete, impudent, intellectual snob of a dragon to boot. :}

Home pages are all about ego, but at the same time talking about yourself is one sure way to make everyone tune you out. So I have segregated my (suitably illustrated) egotistical ravings onto a page of their own where you may safely ignore them.

It is well and widely known that dragons have a special affinity for maidens. But dragons have also been the victims of more bad press than I could set fire to without hyperventilating, most of which paints the nature of that affinity in quite black terms. I have been (very slowly) writing a page to address some of the more scurrilous accusations regarding dragons and their maidens, as well as clarifying some other aspects of the nature of dragons, or at least of this dragon. I'll put a link to it when it's done, but don't hold your breath.

As a damned intellectual, I've written a lot of cultural criticism, both in and out of school. I've posted some essays and barbs for the entertainment and edification of the two people in the universe who might be interested. The page also links to my master's thesis, of which I am quite proud (c.f. above in re: ego).

You can also blame me for writing some fiction. Some of it has been fanfiction, which obviously will never be published, so to sate my writerly craving for an appreciative audience, I place it online, where I can at least imagine that people are reading it.

This site will be updated every so often, when I get around to it. I'm not an old reliable dog-geyser person, so that will probably be later rather than sooner.

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