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Getting Started
  1. A work in Progress 2007-2012 New August 2011
  2. Low Cost Modern Day Church Acoustics Read and learn how. Updated November 2011
  3. Signal to Noise in a Church What's the big deal? Oct 2010
  4. Kinston Road United Church 10 meg PDF file of a complete church conversion. This will take a while to download.Nov 2008
  5. Fixing a church in 7 Days! Yes it is possible.
  6. Setting Church Sound System Standards - A summary of the minimum Church sound system & acoustics Standards
  7. Trouble Shooting Room Acoustics - Part 1-- The problems of room acoustics and how to recognize them
  8. Trouble Shooting Room Acoustics - Part 2 -- Some of the time honored, present and future solutions.
  9. Evaluate Your Church Acoustics - -- Part 1
  10. Evaluation of Sound System part 2
  11. Evaluation of Sound System part 3
  12. CAPS A church acoustical standard
  13. Speaker Suspension Support Choices in hanging speaker clusters. This page has Large picture files. Best seat on 1024 screen.
  14. Speaker Placement concept
  15. How to EQ a HIS System without test Equipment and free analyzer (it's old but it works)
  16. Audio and Acoustical Facts
  17. Foyer speakers that cause Echo Problems - - They can cause Echo Problems Updated August 2011
  18. Urgent Warning about speaker destorying setups with computers, laptops, Ipads, Ipods, Iphones and Cassette Recorders Updated Oct 2011.
  19. Software and Article Downloads
More Articles
  1. Church Revival not Welcomed Here New October 2011
  2. A true Story about a drummer Feb 2011
  3. A Tale of 3 churches 1.5 megs Jan 2011
  4. Room Acoustics from another Consultant
  5. Petition for Rulemaking on Church Acoustics
  6. Be A Critic Series #3
  7. Tricks of the Trade. A way to make a Lapel Mic work better. (If the pastor or MOM is willing to do use it.)
  8. Be A Critic #2. Can you help this Church? This is a Critique by request
  9. Part 1 Be a Critic. Here is you chance to a critic of a church sound system and make recommendations.
  10. Part 2 The Recommendations
  11. ADA Forum - Will the Government dictate how your church will sound?
  12. Craig JanssenTalking About Church Sound and Acoustics Jan. 1998Without Permission
  13. The cost of a Mixer - Ever wonder how much do those items really cost?
  14. Radio ShackHow to Modify a Radio Shack PZM Microphone Without permission
  15. Acoustical Control of Worship Spaces --A very good article from 1988
  16. What are Direct Boxes and Why you need them. -- A great method of controlling Hum and RF problems and connect other equipment safely to yours.
  17. Tips on Operating a Church Sound System -- Setting levels and speech quality
  18. Architects - Do They Have A Copyright On Your Building -- Some Architects are stopping churches from building additions
  19. Tips on interconnecting your sound equipment - - Tips on avoiding hum and RF problems before they start or how to trouble shoot them. This is from Rane Notes
  20. How to Build a Confusing Church with Sound- - or design a church sound system. Of Course, if You Can't Hear! It's a Church!!!! (Another fun article) UPDATED May 99.
  21. Complete Sound System Review #1 - - Central Baptist Church in Brantford, Ontario. - an 800 seat church
  22. LEDE Recording Studio and Concert Halls - - What do these rooms have in common with Churches?
  23. The Sidonian Project - - A new method of modelling churches with a twist!!
  24. Sound System Design Types - - A tongue and cheek article which does cover the different types of church sound systems
  25. Loud Enough - - When is the Sound System Loud Enough.
  26. A brief History on Church Sound Systems - - This is the Article which started the Book - Why are Church Sound Systems So Confusing?
  27. Cassette Tape Ministries Recycling anyone?
  28. Exposing the Myth about EQ's - - Rane Note 115, an excellent read. This is not a biased article. It has much of what the HIS System Standard is about.
  29. Aural Speech Test - -Test the intelligibility of your church without a computer
  30. Special Article

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