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Welcome. In this brave new world that gives us all the chance to show to all and sundry just what sort of creatures we are, she who has no webpage can scarcely be said to exist. Hence here come I, baring - well, not all, but some - of who I am, what I have done, and what I cherish in this world.

To the right are the things that may be found here.

The vanity section will tell you a bit about who I am and what I cherish.

My obsessions page is where you can find me talking at great length about my various fetishes. Right now it's mostly figure skating stuff.

Next, there is some of my artwork: bits and pieces, in many styles, covering a span of over 20 years of playing with art.

I write, too. For now, the fiction section contains a Star Trek: DS9 parody play and an unfinished Xena: Warrior Princess novella.

The Rants and Rambles section includes writings on various topics.

Naturally I also have a page of favorite links.

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