Gun Control

Firearm Safety On Set

The giving of instruction in the proper and safe use of firearms is the responsibility of the Property Master. The Property Master is responsible for ALL guns during production, though special effects may be involved in handling, storage and maintenance; there may also be a hired Weapons Specialist on the set.

The propmaster should not issue a firearm to anyone without first determining that person is knowledgeable in its use. Knowledge of operating features and safety devices on a gun as well as the precautions to be taken in handling a gun are prerequisites to issuing weapons.

Loading of weapons and magazines will be done by the Prop Master or by experienced people working under his supervision. Keep the gun's safety on until just before the weapon is to work. At the end of a scene, guns should be unloaded and checked to be certain they are empty of blanks. Do an inventory whenever guns have been issued to be sure of return. Weapons should be cleaned, checked and inventoried at the end of each day's shoot.

Treat firearms with care; do not lay a gun down in such a way that dirt can clog the barrel or that parts can be damaged. Do not fire any weapon that is clogged with any material. NO one will modify any firearm; in case of malfunction, the correction shall be made by someone qualified to handle it, or returned to the rental house.

  1. Never, never bring live ammunition on the set.
  2. Do not allow any personal firearms to be brought on the set.
  3. Never, never point a firearm at anyone, including yourself. NO ONE should ever engage in horseplay with a firearm.
  4. Do not fire a blank within 20 feet of anyone; some blanks call for even longer distances. A quarter load blank is as much a potential hazard as a full load blank; there is still a wad which is fragmented upon firing.

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