Topics in APL and J

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Assorted papers, notes, essays, software on APL

All of this material may be freely used.

(Note - Working on inserting a proper licence, e.g. MIT licence)

APL Character Set and Browsers


Each article in this collection features a single subject or theme, an algorithm, problem, or commonly used program. They can be used as introductions to APL. If you have suggestions for other topics, feel free to contact the Toolkit Editor.

The following are ideas for other articles which I haven't gotten around to writing. The functions themselves, with comments, are in the Toronto Toolkit.



A freeware set of workspaces for moving APL functions and variables between different APL systems


Some odds and ends related to the J programming language

The J programming language is historically a development from APL. Here are some introductory documents that I wrote when I was actively learning and using the language.