Articles Written by Howard Gibson

Gun Surveys
[HTML] [PDF] Discussion about guns and gun control is fairly deranged, based on all sorts of sloppy analysis and anecdotal information. I take a close look at some of it.
Buying Cross Country Skis
I wrote this as part of my activities at the High Park Ski Club. This article is rather old and it does not take the latest technology into account, but it still should be good enough for a cross country beginner. The experts can fend for themselves!
Mechanical Design
I have written a couple of mechanical design articles.
Shirt Pockets
[Pocket Protector] I have uncovered an evil plot! See the photo to the right.
I run it on all my computers at home. I write stuff about it.
History Movies That Could Use Some Context
History movies are not always historically accurate. Who'd have thunk it?
The Hunger Games HOWTO
I have seen the movie. I have read the book. I am inspired!
Gearhead Keyboard
I bought one of these things for my TV set.
Do Not Assemble
I uncover yet another evil plot!
When I was at Ryerson, I did cartoons for the Eyeopener. Of course, they did not have a website back when I was there. I was interested in doing cartoons for an engineering magazine, but I could not come up with enough good gags.

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